Bruges, Belgium

City Hall in Bruges, Belgium
City Hall (Stadhuis)

Bruges (also spelt Brugge) is a quaint city in Belgium. Cobblestone streets twist in complicated paths with tall stone buildings erected all around. Canals run watery paths through the city, coursing under bridges and past attractive medieval buildings. The charming city is perfect for a romantic getaway or a refined adventure with friends.

Bruges CanalsI had a short two days and one night in Bruges, but it was plenty of time to see all of the major points of interest. Burg Square is home to a collection of wonderful buildings, including the lovely city hall. It was quite a busy spot with a variety of activities going on throughout our stay, including a performance by what I believe was a military band.

The city is perfect for leisurely strolling and soaking up the ambience. It is a very walkable place, and offers lots of hidden treasures in the labyrinth of its pathways. The canals and medieval buildings are stunning at every turn.

The night life is a bit lacking, however. I tried to visit Retsin’s Lucifernum, which has great reviews on multiple travels sites. But it is only open on Sunday nights, and alas, I was staying on a Saturday night. So I was unable to venture inside what I understand is a private residence that the home owner opens up for visitors to come and see his curious and sinister artifacts. With my plans dashed, I headed into the city square, which had a few bars open. I grabbed a drink and ran into a hilarious bachelor party. The groom-to-be was dressed as a rabbit and was tasked with handing out carrots to young ladies. I received a carrot of my own and wished the groom-to-be the best of luck with his marriage. The remainder of the evening was quiet with very little happening in the city after 1 a.m.

Bruges Farmer's MarketThe next morning I decided to meander through the city once again and stumbled upon a farmer’s market. Dozens of vendors handed out samples of cheese, so I was in heaven trying all the delicious dairy products surrounding countries came to offer. There were also a variety of bread and produce stands. A small folk band performed a few songs for the market goers. It was a simple, but elegant event.

I stayed at Charlie Rockets, which was a nice hostel with a funky, musical vibe. It was a fairly typical hostel with clean and comfortable facilities, and it was within a convenient walking distance to most of the major sites. I would definitely stay here again.


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