Kota Bharu – Perhentian Islands

Beautiful and relaxing.
I spent a lovely few days at the Perhentian Islands. More specifically, at Long Beach on Kecil. The water was crystal clear and toasty warm. It was the perfect end to my Southeast Asia adventures. I loved spending time lounging on the beach without a care. And I went on four fantastic dives.
The diving around the islands is some of the best I’ve seen. One setback though: there were a plethora of jellyfish. I did all four dives in one day, which was a bit tiring, but a great adventure. I went with Matahari Divers, and I was impressed with their service. They were very professional and had great equipment.

My favorite dives were Three Reefs (Terumbu Tiga) and the night dive. The first site is a series of huge, stacked boulders and has a lot of swim throughs. There were a great variety of sea creatures as well. The dive was stunning by day, but I enjoyed the night dive even more. The sea is filled with bioluminescent bacteria, which light up blue when you move the water. I loved running my hand through the black water and admiring the trail of twinkling blue that followed. It was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced.
I spent most of the rest of my time on the island lying on the soft, white sand. It was delightful.

Perhentian Islands Gratitude Journal

1. I am grateful for scuba diving.
2. I am grateful for bioluminescent bacteria.
3. I am grateful for beaches.

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