Landstuhl, Germany


Landstuhl was my home base while living in Germany. I lived on the U.S. Army Base in Landstuhl while working as an intern for Camp Adventure. It is a small town with a genial atmosphere.

Landstuhl CastleLandstuhl has its own castle called Burg Nanstein. It is on top of a hill and provides great views overlooking the city. I had no idea what to expect when visiting the castle, but I found it to be quite delightful. The structure is a bit in ruins, which I think makes it all the more lovely. It has tree branches growing through the walls and some of the stone is rubbed away to reveal the sedimentary layers below. It is absolutely beautiful! And you get great views of the beautiful little town of Landstuhl below.

Enjoying my GluhbierThough Landstuhl is small, it is still a festive spot. I went to a few different festivals in town. The most notable of which was the Christmas market. It was a pretty small affair, but had all the basics any Christmas market would need. I ate a delicious meat-stuffed potato dumpling smothered in gravy and drank some delicious gluhbier. It is a sibling of gluhwein, a hot, mulled spicy wine. I found the gluhbier (which is basically a hot, mulled spicy beer) tastier, because it was not as strong as the gluhwein and still had the wonderful warming effect!

Another treat in Landstuhl is the bakery, Barbarossa. The bakery is at the end of “Cardiac Hill” (the steep hill that connects the army base to Landstuhl, which is a short, but challenging walk that is a cardio blast). I had one of the best pastries of my life from Barbarossa. It was like a croissant, bear claw and baklava all rolled into one with only the best parts of each. And another great thing: it was only about $1.25, making it one of the cheapest items in the joint.

Landstuhl is not a spot you need to go out of your way to visit, but if you are in the area, go for a quick day visit. It is a sweet little town!


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