Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The Grund
The Grund

Luxembourg is a tiny country with gorgeous landscape and beautiful buildings. The center of the city is multi-level, built above and below gorges carved by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. Trees and other greenery abound, and there are several notable spots to visit in Luxembourg City.

Bock BelowMy time in Luxembourg was rather quick. We decided to stop over on our way back to Germany from Belgium. So we were only able to wander around for a few hours, but it gave us plenty of time to see the major sites and soak up a bit of the beautiful city. I was far too frugal for my own good and decided not to pay the nominal 5 Euro fee to store my backpack at the train station. So I had to lug it around all day and ended up with some very sore shoulders. I also moved slower than I would have had I been unburdened. If I were to go back, I would definitely put the backpack in the locker and enjoy my time in the city a bit more freely!

Above the GrundBut I was still able to see several incredible areas in the city. The Grund, which is a quarter in the city’s valley on the banks of the Alzette river, had some incredible buildings and great views of the city above. One of my favorite buildings in the Grund was Neumünster Abbey. It is used as a meeting point and cultural center. The Bock was another interesting spot to visit. It is a set of rocky cliffs that jut up from the Alzette river.

Two other location worth a look are the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Bank Museum. The cathedral is good for a close up and walk through. The museum is lovely up close, but most stunning from a distance. It is situated on a hill teeming with trees, which offer a beautiful foreground for the building.

Notre Dame Cathedral We also stumbled upon a small farmer’s market/festival in the city center. It wasn’t too big of an event, but it was interesting to walk around and get a bit of culture from the area. In the late afternoon, we headed back to the train station, which was where our bus home was scheduled to pick us up about 20 minutes later. But about an hour later we were still waiting.

One of the girls was really hungry and decided to run to get a quick bite, because our bus was still no where to be seen. Of course, just a few minutes after she left, the bus pulled up. The driver was set on getting out quickly, because he was already so far behind schedule. But we pleaded with him to wait just a moment so our friend could get on the bus too. He was having none of it, so I stalled as long as possible by putting my bag in the storage area below the bus excruciatingly slow.

But still she was no where to be seen. So we got on the bus and hoped for the best. As we were pulling out, I spotted her in a restaurant across the street. I made a total jerk of myself by insisting that the bus driver pull over to pick her up from the other side of the street where she tried, but failed to get food (it wasn’t ready in time). I literally stood in the front window of the bus and frantically waved her down so she would run to the bus. And even though I knew she couldn’t hear me, I shouted for her to hurry up and get to the bus. No! Don’t turn back for your food, are you crazy?! Leave your food, because this guy is about to leave you. Just hurry up and run to the bus.

The bus driver was nice enough to pull over, and she was able to join us. It was not my finest moment, but we all got home together. And at the end of the journey, the bus driver and I shook hands and gave each other mildly embarrassed, but gratitude-filled smiles.

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