Meeting Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Meet Up
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Meet Up

Yes, I met Tom Cruise. No, that is not a wax figure of Tom Cruise, that is the real man in the flesh. He just has far too much make up on!

Tom Cruise I shook his hand, introduced myself and was able to take a photo with him. Tom was kind and seemed (I mean, he is an actor, so who really knows…) happy to interact with everyone. He wished me a Merry Christmas and carried on with the others in line.

Tom and his costar were touring for their Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol release. They stopped by our army base in Landstuhl, because it has the largest US Military hospital in Europe. As a result, there are many wounded warriors who are flown in to the base to get treatment and recover.

The base has a space known as the Wounded Warrior Center. It has a television, several computers and multiple spots to lounge around in. And the center always has food, whether it be snacks or full blown meals. It is an incredible resource that we were lucky enough to get to use as interns.

The center was also the spot Tom came to visit. I heard a rumor in the morning that he was coming to the base, so I camped out in the center all day until he arrived in the late afternoon. I was happy my patience paid off; it was fun to meet a celebrity.


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