Skiing in the Alps: Stubai Glacier, Austria

Stubai Glacier Ski Resort
Stubai Glacier Ski Resort

The hills are alive with the sound of… skiing! I traveled to Austria for a day trip to hit the slopes at Stubai Glacier Ski Resort.

Stubaier GletscherThe Alps are incredibly gorgeous! Their beauty was really impossible to capture with a camera. The snow-capped mountains jutted into the air all around. It was a winter wonderland. And the ski resort is quite nice as well.

The runs are mostly easy and intermediate, so it was a perfect resort for me to ski at. I did pretty well skiing and only fell three times. One of the falls was pretty epic… I lost a ski and my pole smashed in to my arm leaving two big bruises. But otherwise it was smooth sailing on the runs.

The resort was large, and the runs were quite long. The conditions were nice for most of the day, but as the sun started waning, it became very icy. After all the skiing I finished the day with an ice-cold beer at the bottom of the mountain. It was really nice to get out and do something active, rather than just walking around and checking out the area and different sights.

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