South Korea

Well hello again blogging world! As tends to be the case, I have neglected this blog during my time at home. Not because noteworthy things weren’t happening, but because the events I wanted to share with people were actually happening with them, so a virtual recap of my life wasn’t necessary. But now I am back to traveling the world, and so this blog will see more action as I dish about the happenings of my time in my new destination… South Korea.
I am in Korea to work for the EPIK (English Program in Korea) as a GET (Guest English Teacher). It’s day three, and there still hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Half of the GETs are at Jeonju University for our orientation. Today we have the opening ceremonies and our welcome dinner. Tomorrow we get to do a health check (let’s get real, it’s a drug test) and then we start in to our classes. I’m looking forward to having a little more to do and to getting a better grasp for what this program and the year I’ve signed up for will entail. Hopefully I love it enough to do two years, because I certainly packed enough stuff to be here that long! But it is certainly too soon to tell, and I definitely have a lot of greatness to return to at home. So more on that later as I get settled in and get a feel for my life in Korea.
I think I am finally getting over my jet lag, which is nice, because I certainly don’t want to be tired all day. I have met a lot of neat people here. It is nice to feel like I have a group of people to rely on who are going through the same thing, so I can settle in nicely. But I am really anxious to find out what school I will be at and what my apartment will be like. I just want to get things going to get a feel for what my life will really be like here. And then of course I really want to get out and travel around. I want to see Korea and neighboring countries and really sink my teeth into the different cultures. Hopefully I can get a pretty good feel for Korean while I am here and learn important phrases. Not much else to report for now.

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