Triberg Waterfalls

Triberg Waterfalls
Triberg Waterfalls

The Triberg Waterfalls are beautiful! They are located in the lush Black Forest in the city of Triberg im Schwarzwald. It is quite easy to get to the city by train, and the falls are a short hike along a beautiful pathway. It’s a very tourist friendly area.

Triberg WaterfallsThe waterfalls are among Germany’s tallest. Not the tallest, but that doesn’t stop the sign at the entrance from staking a claim to the title of tallest waterfall in the country. The falls are sectioned off into seven major tiers, which creates a lovely effect. And the surrounding landscape is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is green; there are trees everywhere, and moss blankets the area.

I loved being out in nature and hiking around.  It was a nice change of pace after spending several weekends traveling to different cities. The Black Forest is a part of Germany that is absolutely worth a visit. And Triberg is a great spot, because the waterfalls add more natural beauty to an already stunning area. Plus it’s easy to get to with public transportation, and the city is very walkable. The “hike” to the falls is along a well marked, gently sloping path.

Triberg WaterfallsTriberg also has a huge selection of cuckoo clocks. The Black Forest is famous for the timepiece, which is often carved out of wood and marks the hour with an animated cuckoo calling out. There are several stores in Triberg bursting with clocks of all shapes, designs and sizes. I was amazed at the intricacy of each of the clocks and the variety of designs. Many of them were based on nature, often decorated with leaves and animals.

The city itself is pretty quiet. There isn’t much to do besides enjoy the waterfalls and hunt for the perfect cuckoo clock. There are a few restaurants were you can try popular treats from the area, including Black Forest cake. I’m not a big fan of the cherry and chocolate combination, so I decided to pass on the cake. But I do enjoy me some Black Forest ham! Tasty stuff.

Triberg is a perfect spot for a day trip, especially if you need a bit of nature in your life.

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