Wine Tasting in Italy’s Piedmont Region

Rovellotti Wine Maker
Rovellotti Wine Maker

Wine is plentiful in Italy’s Piedmont region. We joined a tour group to visit several wineries in the lovely city of Novara in the region.

Castaldi Francesca Wine RoomOur first stop was the Rovellotti Winery. We were given a tour of the winery’s different rooms that are used during different parts of the wine making process. We saw the wine barrels where the wine is fermented and visited the bottling room. After our tour, we sat in a large banquet room for our tastings. We tried a white wine, two reds and a dessert wine. They were all delicious, but the white was my favorite. We also had bread, salami and cheese with the wine. And risotto. Oh.My.Goodness. The risotto was absolutely delicious! Everyone was happily chatting, but as soon as the risotto hit our mouths, we were all silent and just marveling the taste sensation. It is the best risotto I have ever eaten.

Wine FriendsThe second winery we visited was Castaldi Francesca. The woman who owned the winery, obviously named Francesca, is part of the whole wine making process. She works with her product from the grape to the bottled vino. It is clear that she is passionate about her wine and wants to make the best product possible. We also had snacks and tried a white, two reds and a dessert wine. Her wines were also quite tasty. And the tasting room was stunning; it was housed in a small room with brick walls, and sunlight streamed in through a small window, lighting up the food and wine laid on the table.

Our tour guide, Elena, was great. She was a funny little Italian lady and told us all about the Piedmont region. We also had a fantastic Italian man, Paolo, join us to discuss all of the wines. But Elena never really let him get a word in while talking to the group as a whole. Thankfully he sat with us during our first tasting, so we were able to chat with him. Paolo was very knowledgeable of the different wines and the Piedmont region; he was also a great bit of fun. It was interesting to get a connoisseur’s opinion on the wines and taste the subtleties he noticed in the different varieties. I learned a lot and gained a greater appreciation for wine. Paolo also gave me a quick ride up and down the street on his motorcycle. It was randomly delightful!

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